Karis Technologies Inc. is pleased to introduce our new Seismic Rack Mount Cabinet Enclosure.

The new cabinet, called “Atlas” is a 24″ wide x 42″-deep, 42U cabinet.

Atlas is now officially certified by MET Labs to the NEBS Telcordia GR-63-CORE, ANSI T1.329-2002 and T1.336-2003 standards. The test was done for “Zone 4″ requirements, the most demanding of the tests, which roughly equates to a 7+ Richter scale seismic event. Atlas was loaded with 550 kgs., one of the highest in the industry, and passed all required test with flying colors.

MET Labs is an independent laboratory whose primary function is the testing and evaluation of products according to a broad range of domestic, foreign, commercial, and military EMC/EMI specifications. MET reputation for excellence as an independent laboratory has been earned by diligent involvement in the development of international standards and test methodologies.

Our “Atlas” zone 4 seismic 19″ cabinet reflects both the strength of the product itself and the strength of our engineering design and manufacturing support. Weighing in at only 187 KG (411 lbs.), our innovative design has been certified to an impressive 550 KG (1,210 lbs.), a weight to load ratio few others can match. Atlas doors incorporate our high density perforation pattern, providing over 1,000 square inches of open area, complying with all major server manufacturers recommended air flow guidelines.