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Inventions extend the boundaries of human knowledge and experience. In the case of power, Invention has been happening for nearly 5000 years starting with the first clay pot battery. Through the work of George Westinghouse and Nikola Tesla in the late 19th century, AC power has been widely available commercially throughout the world. At Server Technology, we looked at the means required to distribute reliable power within the modern data center, and have authored more than two-dozen U.S. Patents capturing our ideas, our expertise and our imagination. At Server Technology, we pride ourselves on looking forward across the IT industry and then create and perfect power related technologies so they are available when you need them.

Get the Right Rackmount Cabinet PDU

You know that a rack PDU can help you improve your uptime and energy efficiency. And that it can help reduce your costs and carbon footprint, but do you know enough about the different kinds? Are you buying the right rack PDU for your data center? Are you getting the most functionality you can get for your data center? And the best value? Buying a rack power distribution unit (PDU) can be confusing – there are so many options and choices today. Basic, Metered, Smart, Switched, POPS, PIPS- and that’s only the PDU families, not the decisions you have to make about outlets, voltage, current, phase and kW.
Below we have compiled some materials that define and highlight the different types of cabinet PDUs that Server Technology builds.  This will help you to choose the correct cabinet PDU for your data center.

The Right PDU for the Right Job

Quality. Reliability. Performance. Engineering excellence. Those are the “givens” when you choose a rack power distribution unit (PDU) manufactured by Server Technology. But how do you choose the right kind of PDU for your data center? With over 2,000 product types today, Server Tech has the right PDU for your data center, no matter what your requirements.  Here are informational stories and videos that can give you what you need to make the right decision, including what the PDU does, why you would want one and what kind of issue the PDU can solve in a data center.

The PDU Series

Basic PDUs — The Sentry basic cabinet PDU product family provides a simple solution where reliable power distribution for equipment racks and other data center applications is needed. It offers different input and output connections to distribute 110V, 208V or 230V power and a 16, 20, 30, 32, 50, 60-Amp power input feed. 

Metered PDUs  — The Sentry Metered cabinet PDUs are the same as the Basic PDUs, but they have one or more LEDs.  Because it has the local LED input current monitoring, the metered PDUs allow network engineers to utilize the PDUs True RMS Power Monitor to precisely measure the current (in amps) that network devices are drawing on the power circuit. 

Smart PDUs
With Smart PDUs, you can monitor your power (in Amps), temperature and humidity levels over the network through any Web browser, and you can get SNMP (simple network management protocol) alerts or e-mail alerts when any of those things – power, temperature or humidity – exceed thresholds that you have pre-assigned. So, you get the reliable power distribution that you need combined with remote power and environmental monitoring.  Local onboard LEDs also display branch circuit monitoring.  

Switched PDUs

The Switched cabinet PDU products provide the capability to securely monitor and control cabinet power via a network for a data center or remote branch office. The Switched CDUs combine networked configuration and management with power distribution and power and environmental monitoring.
Users can reboot a single or dual power server with one command (ON/OFF/REBOOT), receive SNMP-based or e-mail alerts when power or environmental conditions exceed thresholds and assign access rights to user groups or individuals.

Who do the world’s top companies turn to for data center power? In this video, we answer the question “Why Server Technology?”