Rack Mount Floor Cabinet Server/Data/Network Enclosures are welded, stackable, vented, lockable and portable. Field reversible doors with weight capacities to 400 pounds. Available with floor casters for easy portability.

Floor Cabinet Features:

  • Provides a secure small floor mounted cabinet to house servers and data wiring devices
  • Available in 6 heights and 3 depths
  • Heights to fit under counters and desks
  • 19” wide rack mount unit
  • Vented sides
  • Sold without doors – optional doors include Plexiglas, Perforated, and solid styles
  • Doors are field reversible without tools
  • All doors have installed locks
  • Stackable
  • All welded steel construction
  • Includes (2) pr. of Cage Nut mounting rails – fully adjustable front to rear
  • Four 2” cable entry knockouts front and rear
  • Vented fan hole top and bottom
  • Includes leveling feet and bag of (24) M6 Cage Nuts & screws
  • Choice of colors:  Color Code = “x”   Black (BLK) or IBM White (W)
Part # Dimensions Useable Depth Wt. Capacity Door Options
KTE6004-6UDx 23”W X 24”D X 13.5”H 22.5” 300 lbs. 6U CABS: KTE6004-6PLXx
KTE6004-6UEx 23”W X 30”D X 13.5”H 28.5” 300 lbs. KTE6004-6PRFx
KTE6004-6UFx 23”W X 36”D X 13.5”H 34.5” 300 lbs. KTE6004-6STLx
KTE6004-9UDx 23”W X 24”D X 18.75”H 22.5” 300 lbs. 9U CABS: KTE6004-9PLXx
KTE6004-9UEx 23”W X 30”D X 18.75”H 28.5” 300 lbs. KTE6004-9PRFx
KTE6004-9UFx 23”W X 36”D X 18.75”H 34.5” 300 lbs. KTE6004-9STLx
KTE6004-12UDx 23”W X 24”D X 24”H 22.5” 300 lbs. 12U CABS: KTE6004-12PLXx
KTE6004-12UEx 23”W X 30”D X 24”H 28.5” 300 lbs. KTE6004-12PRFx
KTE6004-12UFx 23”W X 36”D X 24”H 34.5” 300 lbs. KTE6004-12STLx
KTE6004-15UDx 23”W X 24”D X 29.25”H 22.5” 300 lbs. 15U CABS: KTE6004-15PLXx
KTE6004-15UEx 23”W X 30”D X 29.25”H 28.5” 300 lbs. KTE6004-15PRFx
KTE6004-15UFx 23”W X 36”D X 29.25”H 34.5” 300 lbs. KTE6004-15STLx
KTE6004-18UDx 23”W X 24”D X 36”H 22.5” 400 lbs. 18U CABS: KTE6004-18PLXx
KTE6004-18UEx 23”W X 30”D X 36”H 28.5” 400 lbs. KTE6004-18PRFx
KTE6004-18UFx 23”W X 36”D X 36”H 34.5” 400 lbs. KTE6004-18STLx
KTE6004-26UDx 23”W X 24”D X 48”H 22.5” 400 lbs. 26U CABS: KTE6004-26PLXx
KTE6004-26UEx 23”W X 30”D X 48”H 28.5” 400 lbs. KTE6004-26PRFx
KTE6004-26UFx 23”W X 36”D X 48”H 34.5” 400 lbs. KTE6004-26STLx
Note:   Door Options –   “PLX” = Plexiglas,    “PRF” = Perforated,  “STL” = Solid


  • 19” wide rack mount units
  • Formed carbon steel construction for stiffness and strength
  • Allows cable access in rear when used with appropriate frame
  • 17” wide,  mounting brackets use 1RMU of space
  • 150 lb. weight capacity
  • Roll-Out shelves use full ball bearing slides for full extension
  • Vented versions available
  • Choice of colors:  Color Code = “x”   Black (BLK) or IBM White (W)

Frame Depth:

24” Deep 30” Deep 36” Deep
Fixed Equipment Shelf
KTE6000-SF18Dx KTE6000-SF24Dx KTE6000-SF30Dx
KTE6000-SFV18Dx(Vented) KTE6000-SFV24Dx(Vented) KTE6000-SFV30Dx(Vented)
Roll-Out Shelf
KTE6000-SR18Dx KTE6000-SR24Dx KTE6000-SR30Dx
KTE6000-SRV18Dx(Vented) KTE6000-SRV24Dx(Vented) KTE6000-SRV30Dx(Vented)
Monitor Shelf & Articulating KB Tray
KTE2249x KTE2249x
Adjustable Shelf (20” to 32”)
KTE2573x100 lb. wt. capacity KTE2573x100 lb. wt. capacity KTE2573x100 lb. wt. capacity
KTE2573-Vx KTE2573-Vx KTE2573-Vx
Lockable Drawer (20” Deep)
KTE836x75 lb. wt. capacity KTE836x75 lb. wt. capacity

Power Strips:

  • Breaker protected
  • Metal construction for durability
  • UL Listed
15 AMP Description
KTE705-8 (8) outlets, 44” long, 15’ cord
KTE705-RM RACK MOUNT, (8) outlet, 15’ cord
20 AMP
KTE705-20R-RM RACK MOUNT, (8) outlet, 15 ft. cord


  • Can be mounted in any KTDP fan top or wall mount cabinet with fan holes
  • Sealed bearings
  • (1) finger guard included
Part # Description
KTE706 110 CFM Axial Fan w/6’ cord, 115V
KTE706-53CFM 53 CFM Axial Fan w/6’ cord, 115V

Casters:  KTE6000-CS

  • Heavy duty roller bearing construction
  • Mounts to any Series 6000 frame
  • Full swivel