UCoustic 7250 Acoustic Wall Box Range 12U, 18U, 21U

A great answer to noisy routers and switches with a noise reduction of up to 15dB(A). The UCoustic 7250 Acoustic Wall Box has optional top and bottom baffling chambers, and incorporates standard 19″ rack mounting profiles. It also has a thermal capacity of up to 1kW (2 fan version) or up to 1.5kW (3 fan version).

This range is available with optional top and bottom baffling chambers.

  • Rigid bolted construction
  • 700mm width enables superior cabling
  • Up to 15dB noise attenuation
  • Up to 1.5kW of heat dissipation
  • Additional top & bottom plenum chambers for greater noise reduction
  • Multi cable access through the lid and base with soundproof cable entry
  • Front and rear mounting angles
  • Lockable easy access side panels
  • One key fits all locks
  • 250kg weight loading (distributed evenly)
  • Quick release cladding with high quality soundproof foam
  • Left or right hand hinged front door
  • Versatile