Lake Effect Thermal Enclosure

The Lake Effect Thermal Enclosure provides an even flow of low temperature air to the front intake face of the servers inside. This air is used by the computer’s internal fans to cool the equipment. The number of servers that can be placed in an enclosed cabinet is directly related to the amount of air available to cool the equipment.

  • Utilizes the coldest air above the raised floor and delivers it to the front of the servers creating a consistent temperature curtain.
  • Eliminates temperature gradients throughout enclosure.
  • Requires no modification to raised floor tiles.
  • Does not infringe on existing raised floor pressure.
  • Does not utilize chilled water, refrigerants, or any other liquids that can jeopardize computer equipment.
  • Directional airflow of up to 1224 CFM to the intake of the servers.
  • Creates a usable air environment that satisfies up to 10KW of computer load.
  • Plexiglas front door and mesh rear door.
  • Optional retro kit will bolt into any standard 19″ EIArack with mesh front and rear doors. Uses the bottom 7 RMU only.
  • Employs cabinet to cabinet wiring capabilities.
  • 84″H x 30″W x 48″D, 44 RMU (37RMU with fan box) frame with all of the same features and versatility as our industry standard Enhanced Series product line.