With increased demand and the changing dynamics in the global supply chain, Karis Technologies is proud to support the conversion from UCoustic 9210i series cabinets to the new EDGE 3 Sound Reducing Server Enclosures.  Although pictured in light gray and orange, the new EDGE 3 enclosure will be available in all black.

7 Reasons to Buy EDGE 3 Server Enclosures

  1. Cost-effective & Green:   Unlike traditional server rooms, EDGE 3 requires minimal investment and offers a fraction of the running costs.
  2. Cool:  Effective thermal dissipation of 11.5kW due to the innovative air flow design.
  3. Soundproof:  Reduces equipment noise up to 28.5dBA (99.9%).
  4. Lockable:  Security features keeps your IT equipment safe.
  5. Easy Deployment:  Simply plug and go!
  6. Expandable:  Easily add another EDGE 3 cabinet when you need extra capacity.
  7. Portable:  Easy to relocate to another room or building.

Standard Features:

EC Fan Technology
(Same fans used in the UCoustic 9210i

LCD Display
(New for EDGE 3)

Swing Handle/Two Point Locking
(same as UCoustic 9210i)

EDGE Management System Controller
(New for EDGE 3)

Foam Cable Entry System (New for EDGE 3, although the current Cable Entry Boxes are backwards compatible)

 Features Sold Separately:

  • Dust Filters (Same as UCoustic 9210i)
  • Plinth Kit (Same as UCoustic 9210i)
  • IP54 Upgrade (sold as a factory install)
  • Vertical Cable Trays
  • Anti-Recirculation Kit
  • Cable Management Fingers (New for EDGE 3)

EDGE 3 Sound Reducing Server Enclosures Drawings

Standard Footprint Internal Dimensions

Internal Dimensions with 300mm Extension

EDGE 3 Sound Reducing Server Enclosures from Karis Technologies

Contact Karis Technologies today to order the EDGE 3 cabinet enclosures or to learn more about the conversion.