KARIS is the authorized distributor for RackLift and Ergo-Express® lifters.

Every day valuable employees risk back injuries, pulled muscles and torn ligaments when installing or removing data center equipment. With lifters, you can practically eliminate the risk of injury and dropped equipment with one affordable, simple device

RackLift uses a patented hi-ratio safety winch equipped with auto-brake to facilitate heavy equipment lifting with ease and safety.

When the desired rack height is reached the technician simply let’s go of the handle and effortlessly slides the equipment into the rack. No strain, no pain, no risk of dropped equipment.


  • Rotates 360 degrees within the aisle
  • Anti-static wheels
  • Far less expensive than powered units
  • No electrical components to fail
  • No batteries to charge
  • Light weight, small footprint
  • Reduces lost-time injuries
  • Improve employee morale
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces equipment damage
  • Accurate alignment
  • Easy-to-use powerful hand crank
  • Crank auto-locks when handle is released
  • Lift up to 650 lbs.
  • Precise height control
  • Slide equipment into rack on glide rails
  • Fits into standard 19″ racks
  • Security straps for enhanced safely

Ergo-Express® Lifters are a line of material handling equipment that offer huge advantages over stationary or manual systems. Lifters are useful for any industry where lifting, moving, handling and manipulation of loads takes place.

The lifters can be used in most production areas. Load attachments for multiple tasks can easily be changed to fit your operational needs. Save time and money as you upgrade to accommodate increased production. Eliminate cost associated with moving fixed or automated equipment. Maximize your productivity with lifters. Eliminate disruptions to your manufacturing processes. Implement the lifters today without expensive setup and training for immediate reduction of injury risks and related cost.


  • Light weight and mobile for easy operation in narrow spaces
  • Easy movement with full load in all directions with casters
  • Foot operated, central brake on rear wheels – accessible from all sides
  • Precise stop of lift function with use of slow speed feature
  • Single Column mast provides the operator a clear view for safe operation
  • Enclosed lift screw – no pinch points
  • Adjustable overload protection for operator safety and protection of equipment
  • End limit switches not needed to stop travel motion
  • Easily adaptable for multi-shift operations with exchangeable power packs
  • Adjustable handlebar allows each individual to obtain a preferred work position | “ergonomically correct”
  • Remote control pendant permits lifter operation from all sides