Server Room In A Cabinet

UCoustic 9210 Active 12U, 24U, 42U Soundproof Rack Mount Cabinet Enclosure has been independently tested as the most effective quiet rack in the world.

The UCoustic™ 9210 series soundproof rack is made in the UK by USystems, Ltd., an experienced manufacturer in noise reduction across many industries.

This premium range of quiet rack enclosures provides the ultimate combination of noise reduction and air cooled thermal performance. The 9210 range is a viable alternative to a costly dedicated comms room, by allowing the deployment of servers and network equipment directly in the office environment.

Air Flow

Active hardware requires a constant supply of cool air no matter where it is placed in the front of a cabinet. Uniquely the patent pending double path wardrobe doors provide a pathway to the 19” rack area and uniformly from top to bottom. The 9210i is then divided up into three separate sections, which forms the basis for the outstanding kW performances on all the models.

Safe and secure

The need to protect important hardware and sensitive information is paramount. Our range of cabinets will allow an immediate security upgrade by mounting security cameras internally to the front and rear of the cabinet. The UTelligent Management System ‘UMS’ will store images and if required will provide you with real time alerts of cabinet entry to view download via remote access.

Get additional security options. Our range can be upgraded with complete access system including electronic locking system. Please contact or call 1-800-749-5330 for further information

Energy and space saving

Reducing energy bills is always desirable but expecting a standard server cabinet to assist in this aspect is impossible. UCoustic 9210i is uniquely different in design. Incorporating as standard EC fan technology, which means an immediate energy reduction. These fans will also speed up and slow down as and when the heat load dictates.

The new 9210i DAX ‘Directional Airflow eXhaust’ system will also allow heat normally expelled from the rear of the cabinet into the office to be either directed into another room/warehouse or outside; which is especially important in the summer. However equally important is to have the ability to recirculate the warm air back into the office environment during the winter months.