Our standard shielded enclosures are designed to meet typical FCC EMI RFI attenuation requirements. Other, more stringent shielded enclosures are available by request.

A significant array of critical electronics in use today are those used by the military, aerospace and shipboard environments.  Mission Critical Environments must meet a higher standard of performance.

Designs for EMI/RFI shielded cabinets vary considerably from manufacturer to manufacturer. The design selected will be dictated, at least in part, by the actual level of shielding required.

The ideal cabinet is a metal box with no seams or openings. Any opening in a cabinet creates a potential EMI/RFI path into and out of the cabinet. However, in the real world, openings are required for maintenance and ventilation of the equipment, as well as for electrical input. These openings must be covered by panels and/or doors which maintain electrical continuity by either metal-to-metal contact or by using conductive gaskets.

Strict design requirements for safety and operational capabilities must be followed to ensure mission critical performance.  Design components such as shock, vibration, isolation, corrosion, EMI/RFI, etc must be considered.

We feature EMI/RFI shielded enclosures, FCC through Tempest, Seismic Racks and Cabinets for IBC and Telcordia GR-63, shock and vibration isolation enclosures for shipboard and rugged mobile applications and military enclosure systems.

Enclosure features include the following:

NEMA 1-13
MIL-STD-167 – Vibration Testing
MIL-STD-901D – High Impact Mechanical Shock
MIL-STD-810D – Climate/Environmental
MIL-STD-461 – Basic EMC Specification
MIL-STD-285 –  Attenuation Measurement
Seismic IBC and Telcordia


EMI/RFI Shielded Rack - MIL STD 285