Ergo-Express® Model E4000S

The smallest footprint of any comparable tugger available on the market. A towing capacity of up to 1,500lb. will allow you to transport heavy wheeled loads without risk of push or pull injuries without inhibiting staff efficiency..

4000S Ergo-Express® Motorized Tug

The Ergo-Express® Model 4000S motorized tug with its towing capacity of up to 2,500lb. is the perfect solution for moving any heavy wheeled load.

4000SHD Ergo-Express® 

Does your application require capabilities beyond what you have seen in the past? The 4000SHD Ergo-Express® Motorized Tug can be built to meet your specific weight capacity, duty-cycle, and terrain requirements.

4000SLH Ergo-Express® 

The Ergo-Express Model 4000SLH Motorized Tug with Lifting Hitch allows you to pull carts that do not have direction-fixed casters.