Engineering Data Center Curtains

Data center curtains, or soft containment, are a low cost alternative to rigid containment. Soft containment is used in both hot aisle containment and cold aisle containment. Data center curtains act as an effective barrier preventing conditioned air from mixing with hot air. By isolating the hot and cold air, hot spots are eliminated and only the hottest air is returned to the CRAC unit. This enables lower set points, help prevent down time, and can help lengthen the life of your IT equipment.

Thermal Strip Doors

Aisle containment just got even more effective and efficient with Thermal Wall Doors. Minimize air leaks and hot and cold air mixing with Thermal Door containment. Customized for any aisle size.

Thermal Wall Curtains

Thermal Walls are a low cost alternative to rigid walls. Ideal for hot aisle above cabinet walls or creating a full length wall using vinyl curtains. Thermal walls are easy to install and cut around obstacles. All orders are custom built.