Raritan KVM Switches

…for Canada and US Markets.

With today’s changing technology and the data centers 99.99% demand for reliability. IT professionals need sophisticated equipment to measure power consumption at the data center level, as well as the sever level to understand and control what is happening within their infrastructure. Mission Critical reliability can only be as good as the weakest link in the power chain.

Raritan KVM Data Center Solutions

What does your data center look like? Chances are, it’s a vast, complicated landscape of diverse equipment. And your challenge is to keep it up and running, 24/7. With as few complications as possible.

Karis can help. Our secure, in-band and out-of-band IT solutions — including KVM, serial, power and management products — allow you to monitor, access and control nearly every component you’ve deployed. Together, they help you increase uptime and security, enhance planning, contain costs and respond quickly to changing business needs.

Server Room

IT organizations in midsize companies face a unique challenge: they have to manage all the complexities of a growing server room, but with increasingly limited resources and budgets. Not only are there issues about keeping every device up and running, there’s the added need to plan for the future, as the server room is updated or expands.

Fortunately, Karis offers management tools that can optimize the utility of your existing technology, boost security and strengthen your disaster recovery plans. With products that help stretch your IT dollars by improving the productivity of your staff, while, at the same time, reducing server room clutter.

Here are the five top benefits of our server room solutions:

  • Access and repair servers and networking equipment out-of-band from anywhere
  • Respond quickly to problems, even if the WAN is down or the OS is not responding
  • Reboot equipment and monitor power conditions remotely
  • Centralize multiple operations into a single management device
  • Maintain and enhance the security of every IT device you manage

Plus all of our products offer:

  • Flexibility – our solutions work with all the leading industry servers
  • Scalability – they grow as your needs grow
  • Usability – they’re easy to set up and use (e.g., easy to add servers and network devices or add/change administrative settings)
  • Value – you get the tools you need to make the most of your limited IT budget and staff