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Karis Technologies Inc. designs, manufactures and provides cutting edge solutions to areas impacted by technology. As a full service organization we provide best of breed mission critical solutions while emphasizing the importance of a functional, modular work environment.

Specializing in custom enclosure solutions and mission critical infrastructure products, Karis Technologies is recognized throughout North America as a leader at assisting Fortune 500 companies develop and transform high performance real estate.

There is no need to convince the IT professionals, specifying engineers, critical system managers and data center managers that their environments are changing and have been changing for several years. The need to address the higher density data center is real.

The current data center marketplace is going through a consolidation phase.  Economies of scale as well as aging infrastructure are significant factors that must be addressed.  Cloud computing, blade servers and network design are dictating the current environment.

While water cooling at the enclosure level was accepted in Europe, it took a bit more time to catch on in North America. In fact, while much of the continent initially skipped the “water” phase in the data center, it has now embraced refrigerant systems at the rack level as the new high density solution.  Additionally, raised floor environments are no longer the norm.
Data center planners are now utilizing the vertical space in their high performance real estate by using 59U server racks on concrete floors – employing overhead cooling or rack level cooling.  Quite a dramatic change in only a few years time.

The Karis difference is the expertise that we bring to the market.  We have walked in your shoes. We have been involved in design,  production, operations, owners rep, construction management, budget management, patents, etc.  We work with technical as well as the business personnel to help deliver solutions that make sense for you.
Cost reduction, environmental impact, self sufficiency, solar, water collection, thermal capture are all components of the new world data center design.  At Karis, we have
the innovation and vision to keep you on the leading edge of solutions for the evolving data center dynamic.

At Karis we pride ourselves on a product offering that improves the performance of existing data centres cooling systems. Our patented thermal management enclosure was developed at the request of our customer base.

Karis Technologies works closely with teams of engineering firms, architects, consultants and end users to provide our customers with the most innovative solutions and services in the industry. We believe that each customer has individual needs and we provide custom solutions for every client.

Karis Technologies is corporately located in Toronto Ontario, with satellite offices in Chicago IL, and Louisville KY. We have 3 stocking warehouses across North America and have a quick ship program that GUARANTEES 2 – business day ship ARO on our standard products. Additionally we have national sales footprint. Contact our customer service department for the representative nearest you.


Crenlo’s Emcor Enclosures & Karis Technologies Partner to Provide Comprehensive Data Center Solutions

Rochester, MN – July 7, 2015. Crenlo, an international leader in the manufacturing of cab and equipment enclosures, announced today that its Emcor Enclosures business unit has entered into an exclusive strategic alliance with Karis Technologies, a leading data center solution provider. Together the two companies will provide customers with comprehensive data center applications and solutions.

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