KARIS PROTECTOR™ SWING-OUT WALL MOUNT CABINETS provide easy access to equipment while keeping it secure. The swing-out cabinet features a hinged back allowing the cabinet to swing open for easy to access to the back section solving the everyday problems technicians have while installing and managing the immense amount of cabling that is common with data and telecommunication equipment.

The cabinet comes loaded with rails that are field adjustable – square or 12-24 tapped, multiple cable management points, a built-in area for a power strip, brushed cable entry, and laser knockouts for adding fans or additional cable entry, lockable side panels, and a locking glass or solid door.


  • Available in multiple heights including: 2ft., 3ft., and 4ft; and two depths: 550mm [22”] and 750mm [30”]
  • Removable side panels make for easy moves, adds, and changes (MAC’s)
  • Easily integrates with accessories such as power, cooling, shelves, and cable management
  • The frame can be separated from the swing-out section for faster set up or maintenance
  • Window door comes standard; solid door optional
  • Field reversible doors for left or right swing
  • Lockable side panels for added security
  • Square/12-24 tapped rails – adjustable front to rear