AcoustiRACK ACTIVE Soundproof Rack Mount Cabinet

AcoustiRACK ACTIVE Soundproof Rack Mount Cabinet

AcoustiRACK® Active SoundProof Rack Mount Cabinet is a range of Soundproofed Rack mount Cabinets using exciting Anti Noise technology that handles whatever noisy IT equipment you need to put in a standard 19″ enclosure.

The AcoustiRACK® Active Soundproof Rack Mount Cabinet  is the only soundproof rack mount cabinet to incorporate Silentium’s proprietary Active Noise Control (ANC) technology. And is approved by HP!

By combining traditional soundproofing techniques with noise cancelling technology spatial noise reduction can be achieved across the entire noise frequency range.

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Manufacturers figures are as follows:

Noise reduction in the range 20 dB(A) to 30 dB(A)
Maximum thermal load: up to 8.0 kW (27,312 BTU/hr) – thermostatically controlled
The AcoustiRACK® Active comes in 2 main heights with a useable capacity of 15 & 33U rack spaces (physical 23U & 41U), both are 1100mm (43.3″) deep.

The AcoustiRACK® has been designed to trap and asorb unwanted noise generated inside the rack, while actively allowing free air movement and heat exchange with the outside of the unit, resulting in up to 8KW cooling/heat dissipation.

The thermal performance of the AcoustiRACK® ACTIVE is driven by two fan modules, one located at the top and one at the bottom of the cabinet. These fan modules provide forced air-flow into and out of the rack. Silentium’s proprietary noise-cancelling technology is highly effective in reducing low-frequency noises.

Once combined with unique high quality acoustic materials, this product achieves unprecedented spatial noise reduction over the entire frequency bandwidth of the audible spectrum of up to 20dB(A) to 30dB(A). These high performances are achieved by using the patent pending modular Active Silenced Fan Tray™ (ASFTTM) units.

The AcoustiRACK® ACTIVE is shipped fully assembled.