RL600C – Shortened Server Lifter

RL600C – Shortened Server Lifter 2018-01-08T15:20:00+00:00

The RL600C was purpose built to facilitate entry to “container data centers” or “PODs”. It is a shortened version of the RL600S, also capable of lifting 650 pounds more safely, easily and with greater productively.


  • Lift Up To 650 Pounds
  • Slide Equipment 24 Inches Into Rack On Glide Rails
  • 360˚ Rotation In Tight Aisles
  • Far Less Expensive Than Powered Units
  • No Electrical Components To Fail
  • No Batteries To Charge
  • Light Weight, Small Footprint
  • Reduces Lost-Time Injuries
  • Improve Employee Morale
  • Increases Productivity
  • Reduces Equipment Damage
  • Accurate Alignment
  • Easy-To-Use Powerful Hand Crank
  • Crank Auto-Locks When Handle Is Released
  • Precise Height Control
  • Fits Into Standard 19″ Racks
  • Security Straps For Enhanced Safety
RL600C Spec Sheet