• Self-ballasted frame
    • Stable, weighted platform that enhances stop and start traction with stability for tight maneuvering of heavy loads
  • Rear-mounted drive
    • Greater maneuverability and short turning radius
    • No directional towing restrictions up or down ramps
  • Goose-neck style universal pivot hitch
    • Unsurpassed maneuverability for cornering and parking towed carts. The unique “hitch-less” design gives the ability to tow carts without installing permanent hitch system.
    • Additional hitch systems are available to meet your current process or product.
    • Safety ratchet straps
  • Programmable user interface
    • Multiple settings to control speed, acceleration, deceleration and stopping distance.
  • Self-diagnostic controls system
  • Redundant smart charging system
  • Foam-filled, never flat drive wheels
  • Optional coupling hitches
    • Allows for multiple cart towing
  • ETL, ETLc Certification on the entire unit, not just AC charging system.
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