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3 Phase Power in the Data Center

  3-Phase Power in the Data Center *** The following is an excerpt from a ServerTech White Paper. For the full article please click on the link:  3 Phase Power  INTRODUCTION High density computing with increased server implementation, greater equipment densities, increased power demands, cost reduction initiatives, green directives and redundancy are driving the demand [...]

42U Server Rack July Promo $690

KARIS July Promo features 42U Server Racks for $690. Rack enclosures with advanced cooling, power distribution, and cable management for server and networking applications in IT environments.   •Lockable doors and side panels •Guaranteed Compatibility •Casters •Door ventilation exceeds 1000in2 •Facilitates overhead cable management •Multi-vendor equipment compatibility •Provides Mounting Option for PDUs •Quick release doors [...]

Karis Announces Secured Laptop Cabinets

Keep your laptops and notebooks secure with our laptop cabinets.  Security that your company can count on! DOUBLE-WIDE Powered Laptop Cabinets - Fully Powered Karis has specifically designed fully powered cabinets to secure and power up to 28 Laptops. Laptops can be powered and updated in the same cabinet that keeps them secure in individual locked compartments.DDP [...]

Priconics Engineering Team joins Karis

  Karis is pleased to announce Priconics as a representative partner. Led by Steve Price an industry veteran, Priconics is a full service professional sales organization serving the technology markets throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Western PA. The Priconics engineering team brings outstanding customer relationships, solid technical competence and most importantly, a commitment of mindshare for Karis' [...]

Soundproof Server Rack Custom Configuration

Pick your soundproof server rack custom configuration!!! AcoustiRACK ACTIVE Select from our growing list of Soundproof Server Racks, PDU's, KVM, and UPS solutions!  Karis will help you configure a package to meet your needs. Innovative Soundproof Server Rack Mount Cabinet Enclosure Solutions for IT Equipment and Server Noise Problems for Canada and the [...]